Toast Pies smash the Crows (114-48)

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Jun 8, 2008
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Well, this is it. After this evening's win against Adelaide, we need to beat Essendon to remain in the hunt for top 4. It's worth remembering that we actually had to beat Fremantle in Perth in the last round last year to finish top 4, which actually went right down to the wire! Obviously we still need Richmond to lose tomorrow against WCE and/or next week against Brisbane.

With no VFL this weekend it's hard to pick anyone on form that missed out on the Adelaide game. That said, you'd hope the following will be in contention, pending injury updates: Jordan DeGoey, Darcy Moore & Tyler Brown.

On form you could mount a case for T Brown but I can't see him debuting this late a fortnight out before finals, unless we can foresee a Jack Graham/Jaryd Blair type scenario on the horizon. Gut feel based on training reports (thanks Jen, Apples and others!) is that Moore will play and DeGoey will be out for another game.

Madgen wasn't too bad today but you'd have to say he's the first out in our backline.

Thus, selection as follows:

IN: Moore
OUT: Madgen

Roughead back. Moore forward.

A lot of pressure on spots this week with DeGoey and Stephenson hopefully both coming back for the first final. A good problem to have. I think Wills keeps his spot until DeGoey kicks him out. The other one under the most pressure with Stephenson coming back would have to be Josh Thomas, whom wasn't too bad today.

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Mar 21, 2007
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Hard to drop anyone, but Madgen, Noble, Mayne and WHE are probably the most vulnerable players with Moore, De Goey and Stephenson circling. Mayne was pretty poor today, but I think he will be tough to squeeze out structurally.

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