Review Q-CLASH XXV vs Brisbane Lions @ The Bank - 29/07/23 - 4:35pm

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Silly free but I love to see that. We have never had mongrel, and if we are to win finals we need to find it. Brisbane are a good example of not having it and go missing in finals

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Dare I say the best game in our history? WHAT A GAME! SOOO FREAKING PROUD! First off how about that physicality? Can we play like this every week!? Loved Touk and co being physical and hands on all game we have missed this style of footy for so long just goes to show how well we can play when we get physical! FINALLY WE BEAT THE LIONS AFTER 9 STRAIGHT LOSSES COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! Feels so good to finally get one back over big brother! We really stood up today! What a statement to take out the Lions!

I’m lost for words! I know Mac Andrew has had his nay sayers and haters on here but what a performance! Loved his game and physicality!

Cop that L lions man that feels good to say after all these years!

Yeah I’m gonna be watching that replay all week long!
Does anyone need more evidence of how much this group was being held back.
Once the previous game plan is worked out of the muscle memory the sky is the limit.

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Think I heard the commentators say we outcoached them? Didn’t know we were allowed to do that.
Enjoyed that game alot! Finally broken the Brisbane streak! Ive been waiting for this day (Beating Port is the other)

I'll put my hand up and apologies for Ben King slander, sorry King i wasn't familiar with your game.

Touk masterclass, the way he just smiled and laughed while Neale was in his pocket.

Anderson is a superstar, He will finish top 7 in the Brownlow and we are 12th, says alot.

Adelaide next week, at Adelaide Oval. Comon 4 points

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Our best is amazing. Our worst is horrifying. Dew couldn’t close the gap.

Hopefully our new coach can…

Dimma will close that gap big time.
First game I've seen live this year. Went with Lions fans - glorious.

Our midfield dominated.
Mccluggage had a few good moments especially early, but hardly noticed their mids otherwise. Rowell, Anderson and Miller were far better. That goal from Rowell was supreme. Didn't really notice Touk was tagging Neale until the last quarter - but then again, hardly noticed Neale!

We kicked to Kings advantage and let him fly for marks, surprise, surprise he took plenty! Enabled him to use his attributes.

Tall forwards were fantastic in preventing Harris Andrews from intercepting. Did he have a single intercept mark all game? Don't think so.

Lemmens was pretty good on Cameron. Sweating on him hard.

Atkins and Ellis add a bit of composure to the team. They usually make the right choice with the ball in hand.

Andrew was great, his potential is real.

Great to see Ben Ainsworth nail those 2 long goals in the last quarter.

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