No Opposition Supporters The Melt Thread - 2019 Edition (Rules Strictly Enforced - See Post 1)

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 20, 2010
AFL Club
For the love of God that we have to have a Mod come in and police this thread.
Some people just won't leave other people alone to have a meltdown. Even here they have to come in and police what they think is their own "correct" opinion.
Go Away and practice accepting that some people have a different opinion to you and this is where they are supposed to be allowed to come to just scream because maybe it releases a bit of the angst.
(Screams) - Just leave me alone to vent!
Exactly. Happy to get as good as I give in any of the many other threads on this board, but this is the place to come and just give an irrational barrage of words to get stuff off one’s chest.

Achin joints

Jun 21, 2018
AFL Club
Sacking Ross at this point is sheer lunacy ,this is not the result of having balls but the absolute opposite ,giving in to an extremely aggressive media campaign with an agenda .if we sink into the abyss, who's head should we demand next ,the new coach ,Bell,Alcock or the whole bloody lot ,I do sincerely hope we come good ,be warned new coach you will be serving two masters ,the Fremantle football club and the West coast media


Norm Smith Medallist
May 31, 2012
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Last night I had a dream we had no coach, no CEO, my favourite two Indigenous players leaving plus a white guy I don't mind and two of the greatest midfielders in the comp going to top-end teams instead of us. Plus this dude who looks like he should run a carrot farm with a weazley voice similar to Edgar Cooke coming in as the frontrunner to take the helm. But then his body turned into Jeff Farmer pulling down some Saints noob who kicked it to this lanky bloke who always looked freezing with his long sleeve Guernsey. He kicks a goal. Got distracted by a pink bunny momentarily with rainbow ears and nex minute half the team gets eaten by the entire front row of the crowd.

Don't shroom and post.

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