VFL VFL Round 22 v Southport @ AIA. Saturday August 19. 12:05pm

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A lot of our picks in recent years though mate have been late speculative picks that rarely make it. Haven’t had access to the top end for some time. It does show. He’s done alright with ginni and mccreery, Harrison looks ok, all late picks. We are and will be paying for the poor trading for a couple more seasons

Too many choices that wont make it athletically.

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Very concerning Begg managed THREE hitouts all day.
He will never make it as a ruckman. If he can't be a tall forward or defender then he is done. Having said that we need to develop him in positions that he can play in. Not as an undersized ruckman.

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Stats to take note of : Macrae, Allan, Carmichael, McInnes, Ruscoe and Johnson
McInnes head shoulders above the rest today, shortly followed by Carmy in terms of being AFL relevant…he just hunts the ball so well and goes the player on his skills are better than Macrae’s. I think Ruscoe could come in for Murphy next week.

Was look at Krueger to come in to balance us out, got injured and didn’t really do much.

Richards is not AFL standard, maybe a bit harsh given he had 10 weeks off.

I like how impactful Bianco is with his disposals.

Draper did some nice things.

I can see why Macrae isn’t getting a game, shocking by foot, one paced and laconic on defence.

Not a fan of Johnson coming in before finals, his game doesn’t stack up under pressure. He should have been sharper today.

I actually didn’t think Begg was that bad today, impacted some clearances even if not by hit out.
So is Krueger cooked ?

If so delist him and Richards don't even rookie just go

Keep murley

Play mcinnes and Carmichael next week ruscoe too
Don’t know mate, think he hurt shoulder in tackle, commentators said he left ground (off Camera) holding it. Doesn’t sound promising. Entered rusling territory well and truly
Liking the games of Macrae, Allan, McInnes and Carmichael.
I would be looking to give Mitchell or Pendles and Sidebottom a spell this week. Bring in one of Macrae, Allan or McInnes or even two of them.
We need a spark from some of the youth on the list.

Bring all 3 in

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