1st ODI Australia v West Indies Feb 2 1400hrs @ the MCG

Who will win?

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Double that as of Feb 1.
I've split it with a couple other folks for years, ~$12 per person/month is a really good deal for all the sport it offers. I don't have any other streaming subscriptions now I have a Plex + NAS setup so only having the one sub and it being so low cost is fine. I know they're now making it 2 concurrents instead of 3 but the amount of times we're all watching simultaneously is so rare - usually F1 but if thats the case we just have 1 person stream it on discord and given how shit Kayo's quality is (HD my ass), it's not really any difference.
So s**t for her to cop such comments given she's one of best commentators going around atm (IMO at least).
She is bloody awful. She has one schtick and it's sh!t on Australia and praise anyone they are playing. Half the time someone plays a great shot and "reminiscent of Joe Root or whoever the English player of the month is. She's a British ian smith.

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Bartlett's List A stats are remarkably average. Like him as a player, but he's a tad fortunate to get a gig.
Was in the form of his life in the BBL though. Players getting picked for ODI cricket based on T20 form is only going to happen more often as time goes on imo.