3rd ODI Australia v West Indies Feb 6 1400hrs @ Manuka Oval

Who will win?

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Playing 7 T20's against the Windies would have been painful to watch. Those games would be so lopsided they wouldn't even attract an audience.
The Windies are in a complete rebuild phase, as Jason Holder said during the week, the more established, experienced players don't represent the national team because they aren't paid enough by the WICB, so they have to go play T20 competitions around the world.
The Windies have a great starting base for their test side but their white ball teams are really poor.
What were we really expecting in these ODI''s? The Windies didn't even qualify for the World Cup, and were beaten by Zimbabwe, Netherlands and Scotland in successive matches in the WC qualifiers.

The t20 side is fine. It’s in a cluster of sides ranked 3-8 that are all pretty interchangeable (based on the rankings points at least) at the moment. That’s not to say it will beat Australia but it’s a lot better credentialed than the ODI side

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Zero marketing for anything beyond the tests, you would think the entire cricket season has already finished. Nothing for one dayers , nothing for t20, nothing for remaining state cricket and nothing for the upcoming NZ tour. You wouldnt know cricket is still ongoing and you would think AFL/NRL season has already started