3rd ODI Australia v West Indies Feb 6 1400hrs @ Manuka Oval

Who will win?

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They've got to scrap all these trophies for these sort of bilateral series', always so awkward watching playing pose for the '(insert here) trophy'.
I recall us belting SL once and the game was so short they had a scratch match (25 overs?) straight after it to give the fans something.

SL played themselves into some form that day.

Wonder if they'll consider an impromptu T20 or something for the Canberra folk?
Zero chance sadly. Just had a bowler get hurt. If another player got hurt questions will be asked
That surely add Jake Fraser-McGuirk to the T20 Squad vs both the WI and NZ. Same with Bartlett

Davey's back for the T20's but surely if you are looking at the World Cup those two are at least in the Squad, even if you increase the number.

Suppose they can have games at home for their state.
Was it due to conditions or just bad luck? If the latter then just replace him in the XI with one of the subs and play on!
Play an XI selected at random from the crowd, they'll probably put up a better show that the West Indies today.

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As we know, today is the 1000th ODI involving Australia. Bill Lawry opened the batting with Keith Stackpole in Australia's first ever ODI back in 1971. Bill had a strike rate of 55. JFM, the total opposite of Bill Lawry finished with a strike rate of 227. None of you will be surprised at Geoff Boycott leaving the MCG with a strike rate of 21 in that inaugural ODI.
No because Tim David has a golden ticket.
I think it is more because JFM is still raw and his record is still pretty bad.

I am not a big David fan but he has shown more, in a World Cup year you can understand why they are backing him in over JFM for the short term at least.