1st ODI Australia v West Indies Feb 2 1400hrs @ the MCG

Who will win?

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"I'm not sure Ingliss is going to the Olympics for his gymnastics" is an all time great Howie line lmao
I’m assuming you didn’t see his test hundred then

He’s fine just be patient
Impatience with a team that is losing all their games is acceptable. Impatience with a guy thats performing mediocre (not even bad) when we basically are in control of every trophy available barring BGT (played away) and the T20 trophy, is called being Australian

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Steve Smith giving advice to Green at the middle of the pitch, realising he might have to play ODI cricket in an ODI match.

Green looks terrible. Fine if he's not feeling it, but no excuse for not rotating strike by just pushing into gaps. Especially when Inglis was on, he needed to rotate the strike and let Inglis continue in his flow... halted his momentum.