2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Game 9 India v Afghanistan 11/10 1900hrs @ Arun Jaitley Stadium

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Nabis not happy with the decision but Paul Reiffel gives the benefit of the doubt to the Indians there as it was 'umpires call'

Did look pretty plum on 1st look but on replay it did look it could have gone past leg stump there.

a 50:50 call if you were an ump.

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The crazy thing about this collapse is that it never came from a push to accelerate. They dribbled around with dot balls and singles and still fell apart. And it’s not like India have been bowling well.
Not a bad score in the end but I can't see it being anywhere near enough on this pitch against the Indian batting line up.
Pitch being this flat nullifies the Afghan spinners. Would have been interesting if the Afghan and Australian pitches had been swapped but that was never going to happen. Afghanistan were never going to getting a turner against India

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