Preview Changes vs Hawks (Sunday 13/9 3.35pm)

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Apr 10, 2016
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That’s fine - we aren’t privy to the internal workings of the footy club so Luke has a dig at supporters calling for Gardner and Bruce to be dropped, but I (as a supporter) want to know why we are so quick to discard Schache and Le Young, yet we give these 2 endless opportunities to find some form.

I am pleased that Gardner is showing a bit, but why are these guys untouchable compared to others ? Tell us what Schache, Young, Lipinski, Trengrove, Sweet need to do to earn their spot.

Not sure about the highlight of your AFL career being standing on the mark really diligently ?

How is it going to damage our chances of winning by explaining that Sweet (for example), needs to work on his endurance and decision making before he is AFL ready rather than ‘he is not AFL ready, next question’ or Schache needs some more grunt and find more of the ball rather than Brucey is not hitting the scoreboard but we love his effort and Schache is behind him in the selection mix right now ?

It just provides a bit of perspective as to what they value in some guys so they are given more opportunities and what the guys that aren’t getting selected need to work on. We as supporters would be more balanced in our observations if Luke and the club provided more feedback on individuals.
They don't give much information about individuals because that gives opposition clubs information that would be used against us. If I am not playing Schache for reason X, I would not be telling anyone out there because they may work out what the selected players are supposed to do. The modern game is about not giving away an inch of a hint to the opposition. That is my take on it. It is like a game of chess, almost.

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Aug 17, 2010
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It's a strong side but we're struggling up forward and haven't promoted any specialist forwards, which means Dale, Cavarra & Schache still aren't doing enough to get back into team. Not even emergencies. Fascinating stuff. Anyway, strong side, go Doggies.

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Feb 21, 2002
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ScragCity changes his avatar from Will Hayes = Dropped.

ScragCity has his finger on the pulse he could be Luke Beveridge or he is a wizard.
I can confirm ScragCity is a wizard. I met him, I think, last time I was very stoned.

He is a lot older than I thought, from memory. Most wizards are.

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Jeff 1975

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Mar 29, 2018
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Good looking side, probably one of our strongest for the year
3, 2, 1 structure looks good, I prefer 3, 2, 2 however Bevo likes to pinch-hit with the second ruck
It seems a carbon copy of last year at the moment
Win the last 2 then make sure we don’t lose by more than 57 and we have improved
Or we can do better and win the lot from 8th :cool:

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