Do you want to change your team's game plan?

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Aug 13, 2018
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West Coast
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New York Mets
A Few tweaks:
1) We need another option to go to should the Gov / Barrass combo not work on the long kick, and a better game plan for the short kick into the forward 50.
2) More accountable footy when the ball comes to ground


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Mar 29, 2019
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Arsenal, Glory, Bulls
Well it seems now that Longmuir is the coach that the gameplan has already undergone a serious change. Based on the training sessions that have already occurred the club have undergone serious skills based drills and it's definitely been having a positive effect on the group.


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Sep 13, 2017
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West Coast
The WC game plan is highly skilled and suited to our list and has won us a flag.
However any plan that stagnates and doesnt move forward will be found out and to an extent this happened in 2019.
Areas I'd like to see improvement:

Some more accountability from our Key Backs. Barrass and Gov are real weapons with their intercept marking however they were found out multiple times last year by not showing enough respect to the good key forwards and defending first, attacking second. Buddy tore Gov a new a-hole last year because he showed him no respect. Our KPDs need to find the right balance between attack and defense.

Transition out of the backline from kick ins. Way too predictable. Kicking long to the right hand boundary 90% of the time is just too easy for the opposition to counter, particularly if they have the guys that can compete in the air. We are quite good at it but once it becomes predictable it becomes less effective. We need to back out elite kickers like Jetta and Hurn and mix it up. I thought the new 'no square' rule last year would see us regularly run it out and get it out the back up the guts but we hardly ever did this. Just get some more plays lads and mix it up- keep em guessing.

2nd posession play. Generally for a team with a better than average midfield, we were inadequate last year. I think we ranked 18th for second possession play out of the middle. Kelly will hopefully go someway to fixing this but some tweaks need to be made to fix up this part of our game- something a good midfield coach will need to work on. When we applied pressure and tackled hard we got a lot more clearances (what a surprise), when we didnt we would often concede most centre clearances.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 6, 2011
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North Melbourne
I hope the Shaw way continues the way it has started. Attempt to physically dominate teams, so when they walk off the ground at each break they are physically sore. Let that get inside their heads, and then they can start second guessing themselves.

22 games like either of the Tigers, Port or Collingwood games and I will be happy.

25 games like that and I would be ecstatic.


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Jul 15, 2014
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I like our chaos style when attacking and how we use pressure inside forward 50 when we don’t have the ball, but I do wish we were a little less chaotic heading into our forward 50 as plan A. I think that our forward ball movement can be a little average at times if we look at inside 50 to goal ratio.

However, that could potentially be because of how long it took for Riewoldt and Lynch to play alongside eachother and then gel because this wasn’t much of an issue towards the back end of the season.

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May 29, 2011
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It's not really game plan related but it would be nice if Adelaide players actually defended their teammates. When Sloane cops a hard tag, the rest of the group just shrugs their shoulders like the spineless, selfish turds they are.

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