Club Focus Melbourne 2019 - Jordan Lewis retires - 20/8

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Dec 4, 2016
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Papley is an absolute must get for us. Pick 2 for him, Zak Jones, and the Swans 2019 second. Send the second with our second to Freo for Langdon and their third. Head to the draft with 3 late picks and back our drafting which has been really solid since 2013 really

If we could get Papley and Langdon this year I'd be over the moon.

Just not sure if we can keep a first round pick in this year's draft if we get both. I back our drafting team; we've drafted very well for the last 5-6 years, but after this year I don't have confidence in coaching and development as much anymore.

We'd have to make a fair few delistings we brought in Papley/Langdon/Jones in one off-season. Lewis/Maynard have retired, and Jeffy/Joel Smith look likely to leave. Lockhart is probably going to get upgraded to the senior list, so we'd need to make 3 delistings. Barring trade interest, out of JKH/ANB/Stretch/J. Wagner/Kolodjashnij I'd be delisting KK/Wagner/Stretch. If KK wants to stay on I think he needs to be on the rookie list.
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