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Everyones calling for Warner / Khawaja etc. to retire... we are in trouble once we start losing some of the current Test players.. the next in line legit suck.
and why aren't Harris and Renshaw playing? There the obvious 2 in the running to replace Warner and Khawaja, would have been the first two picked in that side
He bats top 6 for Sutherland
Astounding. You only have to see his dodgy technique where he moves backwards, exposing his stumps almost every ball instead of getting behind the line, that he is far from a top six batsman. He is a big strong bloke and if anything is in his hitting zone he will punish it. Only way he'd average FC @30.5 and score a 60.
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Mitch Perry comes within a whisker of a hat trick with a swinging Kookaburra pinkie. The damage tho had been done with the experienced Kiwis leaving the greenhorns with another tuff target on the final day thanks to their skipper and a depleted attack..
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Look at the ages of those who played. We have 9? players 26 or younger. They had 7? 29 or older.
Totally agree. NZ took a different approach to Aust and secured the short term success....each to their own.

I guess 8 wickets and 7 wickets respectively to Hatcher and Perry is a plus bowling wise, whilst tons to Jewell and Philippe is a plus batting wise....all of them are in that 26 and under age category you highlighted.

Pretty sure both NZ 100's came from their 30+ something age category..and majority of their wickets from also their 30 + something age category......though Foxtrot, O'Rourke and Hay all in that 25 and under age category, looked to have the most upside in that NZ A team.

Disappointing to see Ward and Bancroft fall short, Kellaway also.....whilst test experienced spinners in Kuhnemann and Swepson struggled as well.

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Would I be correct in saying that Thornton struggles to be a regular member of a shield side.I see he has played in NSW,VIC and SA.

Hasn't played a shield game according to cricinfo which surprises me but SA do a have depth in that area.

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