Review Round 19 vs Greater Western Sydney Giants @ Manuka Oval - 23/07/23 - 1:10pm

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I didnt have time to watch the game at all as i was packing up my house to move next week (as an aside my god how much crap can a family accumulate in 10 years…a shitload thats how much).
Sounds like many players have checked out once they got 3+ goals behind and the season was definitely done.
I would play the entire list over the remaining games to see who can do what and allow the new coach to come on board in early sep with enough time to be involved before trade week and the draft.

I think we will have th season next year we thought we would have this year, partic if we finish 14-16 and get benefit of fixturing being somewhat easier thanif we finished 9-11
Steven King on the weekend
He should have just popped his head in here for a heads up
We also have the script for the Q Clash too

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