Autopsy Round 23 vs Carlton Blues @ The Bank - 19/08/23 - 2:10pm

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We just have no onfield leaders, no-one ever steadies the ship when this happens
Started with Ellis dropping a sitter.

Anderson clanger from the next centre bounce.

Just need to take a few marks, slow things down but they always try to hit back immediately and turn it over and over. So frustrating.

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We are cowardly as soon as there is pressure we s**t ourselves and go into our shells.

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He’s got nothing to kick to, neither does budders as he’s coming out of the back line. There’s no movement
You legitimately can not just stand there let yourself get corralled then kick it high to a two on one, wheel around and kick long
Who needs Dusty when you have David Swallow aka SPLUGGER
Jack Martin playing well at Carrara hurts

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