Autopsy Round 23 vs Carlton Blues @ The Bank - 19/08/23 - 2:10pm

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We would have won at least 4 more games with a Martin type player. 14 more inside 50s badly need a classy small forward.

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Absolutely agree, we are quick to underrate opposition players but he is exactly what we need as a player who creates scoring opportunities from almost nothing, also hits the scoreboard himself. I'd be one who will be rapt if we secure his signature. The other thing is the kids love him and will be a huge draw card in terms of kids watching and going to the footy.
The crowd chanting Calrton ringing through the stadium hurt. Can’t imagine how the players feel when 15000 Carlton fans appear like rabid dogs and we are mostly silent. Fans are building energy each year, but like the players we go into a shell pretty easy when the tide turns.

Felt a few calls were stiff in the end (Casboult gives away silly frees, but he also gets nothing. I understand why he gets pissy. Swallow was manhandled again too), kind of like the Demons game, but ultimately we had the game on a platter and blew it.

Unfortunately, a player like Curnow (with some ump love, but mostly just athletic ability) turned the game in the second almost on his own and was arguable the difference.

Poor kicks (Anderson and Budderick stand out) at key moments hurt more though and killed any momentum.

But how good was Swallow? Always felt he could be a resting forward and glad he showed he could do it again. Dominant!

Sexton was good when he can get into space. Unfortunately, Carlton shut that space down as the game wore on. It was nice to see small forwards like Swallow and Sexton have leading patterns and protect the drop of the ball though. He got up the ground a bit too. Seen worse games from our small forwards.

Chol had an almost game. Love his side step, but he’d take a few handballs back. I’d keep him in and let him settle if King is out.

Don’t know what Fiorini offers beyond cheap disposals. Took midfield minutes away for Humphrey too. Made us one paced and lacking at times.

Overall, entertaining game. Frustrating loss. It is what it is though, unfortunately.
Bloody frustrating but entertaining game. The game we should have won.

Some random thoughts.

Wish we had a home crowd advantage. Just imagine 50K fans cheering us like Crows and Rankine get at home. It would have a huge impact. Hopefully it happens one day when we play finals and get umpires' calls.

This was just Carlton 2nd game from Melbourne since round 11. Wish we had the same fixture. We should probably forget games in Darwin and play as many games as possible at Heritage. Not easy ground for opposition despite their basically home crowd.

I was pleased we came to play. Considering we played for nothing we pushed Carlton to the limit.

Yeah, we lost that game in 2nd quarter when we couldn't stop Carlton's run. Some bloody silly mistakes, turnovers in key moments.

Coach should move Collins on Curnow much earlier. Poor mistake.

Budarick cost us early as I suspected but he improved as game went on. Hopefully, he stays healthy as he should be a player.

It looked like a really poor game from Anderson. He had some terrible turnovers under no pressure.

I thought it was positive that we absorbed Carlton's pressure in 3rd quarter and came back at them in 4th.

Witts is killing me. He alternates average/bad games with good ones. This was a good one.

As much as I like Casboult, time to look forward. Play Chol.

Yeah, Fiorini is not best 22.

Strangely, I am more optimistic about the future after this game. We still have a very young and inexperienced midfield.
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can we sign mac andrew for 10 years… he is going to be something special.

Feels like we never get the rub of the green whenever a game is on the line.

All in all the lads tried their guts out and was a super entertaining game to be at.

Flanders needs to stay hes a jet.
Thought lloyd was gassed about halfway through 2nd quarter. Needs to get fitter. Did a couple of nice things something there to work with.
Had a bit of time to calm down, but losing from 40 points up early in the second is simply unacceptable and I am still filthy about it.

Again, our lack of leaders and calm heads across the ground is really holding us back in big moments.

On the bright side, was Dave’s best game in years. If he is going to stay in the 22 into next year, it has to be in Holman’s role hitting the ball and the player hard. Flanders has become incredibly important and needs to be kept at all costs. Thought Ainsworth was just about best on for us watching live. He was everywhere and I really like him up on the wing.

I like that we are looking in the corridor to attack now, but wow it makes our lack of skills stand out. Discipline poor again, tackling putrid.

Sexton in looked like a masterstroke early with the different avenue to goal, but moving him up to the wing really wasn’t the right move from King. Keep him in the team, in the forward line.

Ellis looking like his days are numbered. Was getting torched out on the wing and just doesn’t have the pace to keep up anymore.
Dimma has a huge mess in front of him lol. Long way from being a finals team
Hi guys, hope it's ok to post in here.

Really doubt it, the pieces he's going to inherit are exceptional, it may not be season one but 2025 onward I think you'll be a top 4 team, just need that maturity and situational awareness.
Just watched the highlights (because I’m a masochist, clearly). As painful as the 2nd quarter was, we also were up by a few goals in the 4th, but a few simple errors led to Carlton goals and we missed our chances to win late.

Really, both teams had one good quarter each and then arm wrestled the rest of the game. We came just short.

It’s not a good look from our perspective, but overall it was a pretty good game of football from a neutral standpoint.

Also, gonna throw some love at Swallow’s game again. Tried to put the team on his back. Been criticised, but delivered today.
Is anyone else worried about Ballard's ability to shut down a key forward?

Yes. In a couple of years, Mac Andrew should be our CHB, but we need one for 2024. Ballard is a third-tall intercepting marker. My concern is that Andrew is also an intercepting marker and not a key position player.

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Ballard looked up for the challenge in the first quarter and gave Curnow nothing. Then our middle part of the ground just stopped putting up any resistance and no defence was going to be able to stop Curnow after that with the way he is playing and with McKay back to key an eye on as well.

But again, Ballard is your 2nd/3rd defender, not the guy you put on the best key forward in the league.
Not really. Curnow is a monster. No-one has really shut him down all year.
Don't disagree with that, Curnow might be the best player in the game right now. I just think Ballard benefited from Dew's pressure heavy game plan which resulted in rushed kicks that he was able to pick off, but as we play a more attacking game plan, we're exposed going the other way and I don't like Ballard in that situation, I'm not sure he is strong enough in the contest. I brought it up in preseason and got told to get in my box pretty quickly but I still think we are vulnerable 1 on 1 with either Ballard or Collins.

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