Autopsy Round 14 vs Carlton Blues @ Melbourne Cricket Ground - 18/06/23 - 1:10pm

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Midfield is getting destroyed. Absolutely whipped. You can just see the inconsistency with our team starts there.

Kicking forward is always woeful. As is kicking for goal. We are doing what Carlton have done all season. It saps all confidence missing shots and wasting opportunities.
Also, we laugh at Brisbane for not being able to win at the MCG, but we aren’t winning sh*t here with Fiorini and Ainsworth as our wings. We need about 3-4 more players added to the 22 who can hit a target and run into space.

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Really disappointed by this. Got a soft spot for the suns, my second team and they dish this up. Thought they'd finally come up age but not yet.

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The whole team is off. By a mile. Can’t believe the choice I’m seeing players make… even when we get the ball, we’re doing nothing with it.
Nothing like Kayo playing a 3 minute ad during the game….
That second quarter was insipid. Third has been ok but haven’t really made any progress. 1st was a waste of dominance. And 4th should be a waste of time.
I’ve only ever left the game twice before the game has ended.
Once in Launceston because it was hailing at 3/4 time and once at Metricon 10 mins before end of game.
Today I left at half time what I was witnessing was pathetic Jeffrey was just walking around wouldn’t even chase

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