Autopsy Round 23 vs Carlton Blues @ The Bank - 19/08/23 - 2:10pm

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I re-watched 2nd quarter, just wanted to see how Carlton scored 5 consecutive goals.

In summary, yes Blues turned the pressure on around 10-11 mins mark but I would say we could prevent 4 out of 5 goals if we played focused and with discipline.

Luko was obvious brain snap, Anderson terrible kick under no pressure leading to exposed defence, Atkins weak defence on Cottress, Johnston turnover combined with poor Ellis effort (just punch the ball).

Around 5 min mark we started to press hard and put Blues under pressure.

Bloody frustrating as most goals were silly mistakes, lose defence on turnover, ill-discipline.

Some notes below for those interested.
We were 40 points up with 14 min to go. More or less dominated.

1st goal 13:52 Curnow after we lost CB (center bounce), kick inside, head high contact by Budarick (a bit unlucky)

Still OK until 11 min mark when you could see Blues started to press hard
10:14 Suns had great opportunity but Chol bad kick to Sexton who was free inside50

2nd goal 8:47 Johnston turnover on the wing, kick inside, Ellis mistake as he dropped mark, Curnow goal, still ahead by 27

3rd goal 8:17 Curnow, terrible turnover by Anderson (straight kick to opposition under no pressure), a couple of kicks ending with Curnow mark (Ballard on him), ahead by 21

Great pressure by Blues
Lost CB, post by Owens
Johnston turnover

Suns pressing again for 2-3 mins

5:14 no free for Swallow who was hammered while trying to mark
no call when Casboult held/pushed

3rd goal 4:03 Owen, Blues kick in, ball on the wing, Atkins can’t guard Cottrell, kick inside, ahead by 14

4th goal 3:17 Maritn, Suns pressing again, but Luko 2x 50 penalty, kick inside to Martin (Andrew late), ahead by 8

5th goal 2:17 Curnow, lost CB, kick inside, Lemmens marked but turned the ball over by kicking it to Ellis who was not free and got outmuscled, ahead by 2
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AFL R23: Gold Coast Suns vs Carlton Blues – Another harsh lesson
The Suns haven't learned how to win routinely. Ellis is the only player with experience of it and it shows. King hasn't learnt how to do it as a coach yet either
Post-bye the Suns are still a bottom 4 side and were better last season, if it wasn't for the Brisbane game I would be even more concerned.
Hardwick can't get in there soon enough.
Let's have no serious injuries going into the offseason please.

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