Review Round 19 vs Greater Western Sydney Giants @ Manuka Oval - 23/07/23 - 1:10pm

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Just shows Dew was a problem, but was not the only problem. New coach has their work cut out.
I still think much of it is on Dew, players have been pigeon holed, written off, incorrectly used. Doesn’t turn around without a preseason of structure and belief

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We already knew our season was done but this just confirms it. The new coach will have to rip the book up in the summer and start again.

Regardless of King having been there for 12 days, this is still Dew's team and gameplan.

Bombing it long, especially to Sam Taylor is just a recipe for disaster these days.
Ben King doesn't have Dew Daddy protecting him now, he needs to cop this and do the team thing. Chol wouldn't have survived this rut, just saying
Sack Steven King!!!

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I don't mind losing but witches hat in the forward line and midfield is just annoying to watch.
Defenders not great but not giving them much to work with.

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