Mega Thread The Port Store Mega Thread Part 2

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 21, 2007
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Port Adelaide
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Aston Villa, San Antonio Spurs
At first sight I don't see anything wrong with it. But I am expecting some level of outrage about some minor aspect of the guernsey, in keeping with the current mood of this forum.
I like it. Good change.

I'll be outraged when they use it an example of being more in touch with the members though.


Club Legend
Jul 31, 2017
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Anyone know when they’ll release all the 2020 guernseys for sale. Apparently you can already buy the home one, but I want the other ones.


Bruce Light fan club
Jun 7, 2015
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
GFG stands for Good ******* Guernsey
In video game lingo GG is what the victor says to the loser i.e. Good Game.
When I see GFG I can't help but think of that (plus an expletive).

I hear that Collingwood are using a white panel on their new away strip also.
Did they get Kochie's approval for that ?

I absolutely love the white panel on our away strip, GFG Ports.


All Australian
Jan 11, 2009
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Port Adelaide
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Pistons, 36'ers
We need to change the socks with that silver/grey jumper the black and teal socks that we wear with it are so out of place

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GFG - Good For Good
Jun 12, 2012
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Guernsey needs black cuffs, black collar (with black numbers) and grey socks with a black band at the top.
Yep I like the addition of the panel for consistency between all the kits but I’ve always thought the grey/silver guernsey needs black cuffs/collar. It just adds something like it did on the white chevs.


Club Legend
Aug 28, 2014
Perth WA
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Port Adelaide
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Chicago Bulls, Anaheim Ducks
I am a huge fan of the distressed charcoal/black print happening on the training singlet/top and polo. 10/10 will buy.

I did kind of hope that the ISC logo's would be silver, not gold. And that the AFL logo would be monochrome, like the Collingwood did with their 125yr guernsey, but still happy.


Hall of Famer
Apr 27, 2008
The 'Yabba
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Port Adelaide
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Chael Sonnen: Moral Champion
I like the PA Pirate Life top, but I'm not sure if it's a look I can pull off, as skateboarding isn't one of my hobbies.

With the exception of playing Tony Hawks that had Iron Maiden on the soundtrack and Darth Maul as hidden character.

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