Player Watch Trey Ruscoe

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Crazy Tails

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Nov 30, 2006
Collingwood Heartland
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Is there any other teams?
Sounds very Mihocek-esque
That was my first thought too. Recruited as a defender with scope to swing fwd, back and maybe even mid. Love the competitive beast description. Not a bad size either for such a young kid. Seems to have a bit to work with.

Welcome to the Pies Trey.

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Apr 5, 2014
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If he played forward as a junior and has that type of competitiveness about him that shows in his highlights I’d like to see us try him forward.

Guess it depends on where we see Will Kelly playing. If he’s forward then Ruscoe probably plays back but if Kelly settles down back in the VFL with Keane and Madgen then maybe this kid plays upfront with Wilson and Reid.

Doesn't matter really. As long as there is competition for spots then hopefully these younger guys can knuckle down and make any position theirs.

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Gone Critical

Mar 11, 2007
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Still might grow a few more CM's yet
Having just turned 18 last month hopefully he can get to KP size.
Looking at him it would be a surprise if he adds any height. Already a pretty mature looking 18 yo.

Combine that with boys on average reach their full height at about 16 and almost all have reached full height by 18 there are not many draftees that will add height to what they had when they were drafted. Will be a few exceptions but Trey looks unlikely. If someone can find out what age he went through puberty that would give us a better idea.

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