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Mar 6, 2011
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St Kilda

Hi all,

Feel free to invite some mates.

Started a league with the point being to simulate managing an AFL list as much as possible. Everyone has a squad of 44 players, 22 scoring players each round with 4 emergencies listed. The rest of your list you might consider "playing in the VFL".

No trading or picking up Free Agents during the season. Might do a mid season draft like the AFL will this season. Again, this is to simulate managing a real AFL list.

No captains either. It's not like Dangerfield's goals are worth 12 points in real life.

I hope you are keen to join a league that's a little different from all the other ones. There is still list management that needs to occur each week, such as replacing players that are injured or in poor form, so don't think there's nothing to do after the draft is finished.

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