Up the Coasters West Coast Eagles - Best Ever Games (The Game)

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May 31, 2005
AFL Club
West Coast
Embley was a fantastic big game player during his peak. Always came up with goals at important stages.

Think about any of the big games in the 05-06 seasons, and he would often be the one kicking late goals or tide turning goals- kicked a few bombs against Geelong in the comeback, kicked the last two goals of the game against Carlton the next week, kicked a late goal to put us in front against Hawthorn in a critical MCG match, kicked multiple goals in both prelims and the 06 GF.

A lot of those games, even though the big stars lead the charge, it was so often Hunter, Embley and Chick who stood up to really turn the screws.


Premiership Player
Sep 7, 2009
Bull Creek WA
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West Coast
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Round 8 2013 vs Norf Melbourne

Inaugural Brad Scott Week

In a really disappointing year for the club, this week and game was potentially the only good thing to come out of it.

The West Coast BigFooty Board’s complete trolling of Brad Scott and Norf has the potential to completely blow up in our faces but oh was it so glorious, it could not have gone better.

First the Brad Scott avatars that took over this website were nothing short of extraordinary.

Then Nic Nat absolutely destroyed Majak Daw despite the billing by the media of some sort of heavyweight ruck battle.

Finally we saw one of the greatest plays of all time where Adam Selwood drew a characteristic free kick for a high tackle and sent it long to the top of the goal scare where Nic flew over the pack to take a mark at the death to ruin Brad’s day.

We continued Brad Scott week in almost all Norf games following but it never really had the same shine as the original.

I can’t be bothered searching for it but if you can find the original Game Day thread and Brad Scott avatars thread, then you’re in for a good time if you weren’t there to experience it at the time.

Peak Norf!


Official Oranges Man
Aug 6, 2017
AFL Club
West Coast
Last night watched the highlights of every game (about 60 seconds each) from 2006, including the finals and the GF. Forget what a very driven and special team it was. That Cattery comeback was something else! Of course it gets you comparing the midfield and each line to our current one. They really had that run-on free-flowing handball game going, with so many goalkickers and big game contributors. (Embley, Hunter, Chick, Lynch, Staker, Hanson etc). The JuddCuzznKerr show was unstoppable mostly. Glimpses of a young Hurn and Lecras-who had a 5 goal haul in one game. The highlights don't show the ugly, scrappy stoppages of course. Woosha's postmatch interviews were dry and robotic -the babyface coach still with the steely terminator glint in the eye. We were beaten by Freo twice that season.

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 21, 2004
Adel - SA - Aust - Earth
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Norwood & Liverpool.
First game I remember watching was West Coast v Footscray rd 13 1991. Sumich kicked 13 in the wet. From that night I have been hooked ever since.

Loved Sumich.

First Eagles game I went to was rd 20 1991 Adelaide v West Coast @ Football Park. Tough win in very windy conditions. We trailed by 10 points at 3qtr time and kicked 6 goals to 2 in the 4th to win by 15 points. It was eerie silence every time we got a goal as a kid I thought we had no supporters outside of WA.

First game I travelled to Melbourne to see us was North Melbourne v West Coast at the MCG, Friday night rd 12.

Was a wet night. Went with my mum and little sister. Had to sit under cover at the top of the bottom level of the new Southern Stand. We won by 44 points but couldve won by 100+ the final score was 14.26 to 10.6

Kempy kicked the goal of the year that night.

Also remember it because a foul mouth North fan behind us was screaming racist comments at Chris Lewis and my tiny, blonde 8 y.o sister turned around and told the bloke to sit down and shut up.

People were all saying well said girlie the guy was speechless after that

Unfortunately the 1st time i flew to Perth we lost to the smelly crows. Last rd 1998. We looked half disinterested. But was good to experience Perth.

First win in Perth was tge following year v Adelaide. Went with mum who is a crows fan and could only get seats in crows cheersquad behind goals.

I was loving it. We were never in trouble and Scotty Cummings kicked 7 and Phil Matera 4. Loved the Eagle Rock.

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Ambrose Burnside

Premiership Player
Dec 8, 2006
AFL Club
West Coast
First game I clearly remember would be the 1992 Grand Final, although I have since watched our first ever game in full.

Honestly can't remember the first game I saw live. There was one where Jason Heatley played and he only played three games for us. I also remember one where Carey destroyed Jako and Mick refused to make a change and by the time McIntosh went to Carey it was way too late.

First game I really remember being at was the first night game at Subi vs Sydney and Peter Matera wound back the clock.

I never went to a game at the WACA.


Brownlow Medallist
Oct 3, 2010
AFL Club
West Coast
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Chelsea, OKC Thunder, Scorchers
What is the first Eagles win people remember seeing?

Mine was Round 13 2001 against Melbourne, a huge upset considering how garbage we were that year.
Round 3, 2003 I have vague memories of us trouncing St Kilda. First win I clearly remember was the one when Judd destroyed Brisbane at the Gabba.


All Australian
May 25, 2006
AFL Club
West Coast
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leeds united
First game I ever went to was against Geelong at the WACA 1993. Apart from remembering we won, it was Gary Ablett Snr running into the behind post!!

Second game was the Liberatore v Cousins match-up, also at the WACA. As a 12 year-old, can never remember being so angry as I was after the game that night.

Best game to be at was NikNat after the siren win. Even my wife got out of her seat for that one - incredible!

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