Grand Slam Wimbledon 2023

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Sep 25, 2013
Laughing at all the minnows
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Saw a tiny bit of age today from Djokovic for the first time. Wasn’t gliding around the court as much, a bit more laboured movement, and a few tired errors that he wouldn’t usually make on big points. I mean it was bound to happen at some point being 36yo after a gruelling second set and being on the wrong end of a 16x deuce game in the third set, all things considered he still played an amazing match, but by his standards, he’ll be quietly disappointed
Should easily have 20 titles by 27-30. The new generation has nothing v Alcaraz.
Medvedev on US open is tough.
It was only 12 months ago Sinner rolled him here. He could do what you say but won't be easy.

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Brad Goodman

His name isn't important
Oct 7, 2002
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Genuinely did not think Alcaraz was ready yet, but perhaps the baton will now pass? He and Rune seem the natural successors, is anyone else in the current gen capable of multiple slams?
Aug 24, 2020
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Feb 23, 2009
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Only Novak will challenge Carlos everyone else daylight
For what, another 12 months or so?
Novak is human too and he will decline as Alcaraz rises. The gap between them will likely grow in Alcaraz's favour over Djokovic's twilight years.

Alcaraz has a foreseeable period with not a huge amount around him, he can cash in hard with multiple slams a year for that time and possibly longer depending on who else comes through.
Ugly match for Novak and unfortunately as I thought that flop in the tie breaker would come back and hurt him. 3 really bad UE’s to lose that set unfortunately.

That being said the better player on the night won and that was Alcaraz it would be an injustice the way the match was if Novak won he played 1 good set the whole match
Massive game from Carlos, he out-Novacked Djokovic. Won a tie break from 0-3, won the fifth set in a grand slam when momentum seemed against him.

Carlos is an astonishing talent, power, touch, movement and only 20 years old.

The Margaret Court curse strikes again, it broke Serena and it has stopped Novack (this time anyway).


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Jan 7, 2015
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Just caught up on the match - unbelievable standard of tennis. Probably the best match since the 2019 Wimbledon final.

Alcaraz is so far ahead of the rest of the younger guys coming through it's not funny. After Djokovic retires/slows down in the next couple of years there really may not be anyone to challenge him - he might have a period of 03-07 Federer like dominance. Hopefully the young guys like Sinner. Rune, etc. can up their games to give him some genuine competition to get more matches like this final.
Great speech from Nole'

He could never get " Cyborg-mode " going fully but to still take it to 5 is a testament to how good he is.

Carlos is legit, to not crack mentally after that disastrous opening tells you all you need to know about him.

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