Grand Slam US Open 2023

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No point either.
Play the ATP finals, rest and go for Aus Open.
Feel like he wants to push himself with Novak around. The Cincinnati Masters showed exactly that.

He's also sewn up the no1 or 2 ranking which means there is less than zero point in pushing it before the YEC. As long as he is seeded 2 avoids Novak till the final in the AO so who cares.
I saw 2 sets then knew it was over so went back to sleep. Some amazing tennis from both players in second set, knew Djokovic would win it in 3 sets if he won second set. That’s why I didn’t waste my energy any longer and went back to sleep.

After yesterday I much preferred this result thanks lol
Coco doesn't have a bad attitude at all. She is polite plays within the rules and speaks really well for a 19 year old. It is everyone else who is going to go on about Coco and not Coco herself. And I don't think Coco is up herself either.

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