2019 will be the easiest flag we have ever won

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Aug 25, 2015
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I think you meant 3019. 2019 we aren't even making finals.
Will probably win our last 9 games to scrape into 8th then win 3 interstate finals (one in Brisbane, Sydney and Geelong), then the AFL will backflip and move the GF to Optus Stadium, where we play WC, and win again in golden point. It will be the hardest flag we’ve ever won but still, we won the flag..
i've seen it

we finish 4th then beat the pussies at the 'g, the salt is delicious and whately cries so much bodily fluid his nose caves in
then we knock the weagles out at the g in the prelim
then the flogpies in the gf
balta kicks 8
lol wrong

Gunna have more wins in a row than Winx!
Michaels Sticky this for prosperity
posterity you nong

Top 4
Play the Bears first up, get the week off and a home Prelim

It's coming home, and I told you all

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Oct 3, 2017
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through last years bitter experience we do seem more determined and focused

I went to a Hawks - Adelaide prelim Hawks were warm favs and lead all game , but Crows just hung around and hit the lead with 57 secs on the clock
it was only some sheer magic from Buddy & Cyril that pinched it back for the Hawks and the week after was to be one of there 3 peat
We dont want to be in the situation , behind with under a minute to go


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Jul 1, 2011
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Other Teams
Look at this man.

Melbourne v Essendon, the two teams who were supposed to be our nemesis for the flag, utter tripe.

The rest?
Geelong, no way they will be near it, a bit of old man form.
Lions? Nup.
Port? Nup.
Adelaide? lol nup.
Pies? Will burn out
Saints? Kidding me?

fu** me, the team's who should be challenging are ******* useless.

Bookmark it, this will be our easiest flag ever.

Even with injuries, just doing that to keep us interested.
I just hope hope hope that in 17 days this is awarded post of the year.

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