Autopsy Autopsy vs Richmond - thanks for everything Jack Z

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Jack Ziebell will always be a North Melbourne legend.

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Go well into the night JZ.

Absolute shinboner, didn't get anywhere near the attention that Riewoldt and Cotchin did on the telecast, but deserves just as much for what he has put in for this club.

Enjoy the retirement.
Curtis Taylor and Daniel Howe. Never again.
Why has Clarko moved Bailey Scott to a hbf the last 2 weeks, when he’s racking up 30+ on the wing?
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Oh well we know Goldy is cooked , X is not the answer either.
Howe - cost us momentum in the 2 nd quarter when kicking it backwards to Dusty- absolute hack .
Drury - has there even been less impact from a sub playing half a game?
Goater - major issues with his kicking and can’t play in defence.
McKay - shudder to think how many more games we’ll lose by bigger margins next year without him .
Got asked by the Richmond supporter in front of me how I could clap Larkey’s last goal. I dunno fella, do you reckon it has something to do with the blue and white scarf I’m wearing? If you wanted me to cry every time I cared about Richmond missing a free kick, I’d be the happiest person on earth
This made me laugh. Thank you!
What the f do we even take out of this year, other than our best players (and anything to look forward to) being injured every second week, and the rest of the team content with being losers.

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