Toast 2023 awards

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Doig medal predictions?

1: Serong
2: Jackson
3: Brayshaw
4: Ryan
5: Moose/Shoota

Beacon: Johnson Edit:Amiss (is eligible)

Clubman: Dogga
Basically, give or take on the positions of 3-5, but definitely Shoota over Pearce for me.

Also feel like Clark could poll better than you think.

Congrats in advance to Tommy on his first Doig
Is Sherro back? :cool:
Afl Freo GIF by Fremantle Dockers

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Just thought of something. This year the players nominated Serong, Brayshaw, and Ryan for the players MVP award and they all finished top 3 in the doig. Last year it was Brayshaw, Cox, and Brodie and the first two finished top 2 in the doig where Brodie couldn’t even crack the top 10. Interesting how there is such a disparity between how players and coaches rate his impact.

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