Review Round 2, 2021 Fremantle Dockers v GWS Giants - Optus Stadium, Sunday 28 March, 6.10 pm AEDT

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Giant Strides

Nov 23, 2015
AFL Club
Capture - GWS v FRE teams.PNG

Capture - GWS v FRE changes.PNG

The Sproule for Green change seems odd, unless Leon is of the view that we have too many on-ballers and need more run. That's not entirely unreasonable, although we did lose the clearance battle against Saints last week, and need to be better in both that aspect of the game, and the I50 efficiency, where we got more ball but didn't convert our chances. It's meant to be a dry game today, so we'll see how our ball handling, transition and ball use stack up. Really, a must-win game for us despite being on the road. If we cannot win this, we'll be finishing towards the bottom of the ladder this year.

It's up to you now, Giants. DO you want to have a good year, or not?

Andre the Giant

Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 20, 2012
Melbourne, VIC
AFL Club
All of a sudden these douchebags have had an epiphany and realised we have used up all our draft capital on slow samey samey players that were ill equipped for the game last year and now with the rule changes are completely effed.

I’m sorry to be a consistent voice of negativity because I do love the club but I can see today being a difficult day and the year ahead being very hard.

The coach is in survival mode and making some absolutely daft calls and the CEO is like the captain of the Titanic trying to put a positive spin after hitting the iceberg...”Yes guys we’re in a little pickle but have you checked out the lap pool, it’s spectacular”.

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Club Legend
Jan 15, 2019
AFL Club
Sorry this isn’t probably the right place to ask but does anyone know how green played in the 2nds yesterday?

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Brownlow Medallist
Jun 13, 2005
AFL Club
Other Teams
Norwood, Red Wings
That’s as bad an opening term from GWS in a long time. Sadly, I think this could end up being a 50+ point belting.

It really does feel like the wheels are falling off. Forward line looks terrible, midfield is just too slow.

Daniels looks good, that’s pretty much the only positive I can muster.

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