Universal Love Welcome to Freo - Heath Chapman (Pick 14 2020 National Draft)

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Tab on a 🦀
Aug 26, 2018
AFL Club
Other Teams
East Freo, Leeds Utd
For a first year player (especially the taller ones) all I want to see is passages of play that can cover a 10 second tiktok montage.

His ability to lower his eyes (especially inside
50 kicks where kids love to bomb it long) has me pretty giddy. I hope we keep playing him.

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Piggy Smalls

Unofficial SFA Fantasy Pig
Nov 30, 2018
AFL Club
What surprised me the most is he is legit fast. Just glides across the ground and is rapid.

Definitely struggled against bigger bodies here and there and lost his man but that’s stuff that he’ll learn / get better at with some pre-seasons. Has the things you can’t teach, skills, pace, decision making and loves the contest.

Would kill to find some way for him to replace Mundy in the midfield in 4 years
Where will Mundy play?

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Monument Hills

Dec 12, 2017
AFL Club
Other Teams
Hufflepuff, Wildcats, WCE womens

pretty amazing that apart from Butters and Macrae, all of the other top ranked players by this stage are over 30. It wasn't that many years back that it was rare to have many over 30s in a team and they were usually well in decline from their best footy by that stage with only a few exceptions. 30 is the new 25.

And Chapman looks good. I just have that confidence he knows what he is doing around the ball regardless of who he is playing on like you do a Mundy or Fyfe or Serong.

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