Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn, James Worpel, pick #43 2017 - Peter Crimmins medalist 2019

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 17, 2017
AFL Club
I thought he was good, and used the ball better than his numbers would have suggested. He was often kicking low to a leading player that simply didn't read the ball well enough and it got cut off.

We need to start presenting at the ball carrier a hell of a lot better.

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Simon Crawshay

Club Legend
Jun 4, 2016
AFL Club
Does butcher the ball in strange ways with poor decision making though. Obviously that will improve over time. We have a real player.
I agree. His kicking us actually quite good, i just feel he rushes his disposal at times leading to poor outcomes.
But to average 26 disposals as a 20 year old in a mediocre midfield is a hell of an achievement and we really couldn't ask any more of him. Amazing we got him at pick 43!

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Apr 19, 2006
AFL Club
Other Teams
Spurs, Socceroos
Not sure why he isn't getting bigger notice from the media. The kids is a jet in his second year. Imagine the gushing if he was at Sydney or Collingwood
If he was a top 5 pick they’d be announcing him as having one of the best starts to a career ever....

Instead you’ve got mouth-breathers like Goddard writing articles about how his development has stalled.

What a halfwit.

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