NFL 2019 AFC Championship Game - Tennessee at Kansas City

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Feb 25, 2013
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Brisbane Lions
Tennessee (0|24) at Kansas City (19|-4)
TEN: 25.0-19.9 = 22.4 + (24/5) = 27.2 - (13/10) = 25.9 - 3 = 22.9
KC: 29.5-19.8 = 24.6 + (15/5) = 27.6 + (13/10) = 28.9
Kansas City -6.0 (51.8)

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Feb 7, 2010
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Its crazy that the Titans havent kicked a FG since the Colts game in early December and only kicked 1 in the last 11 games.
Joseph hasnt even attempted a FG in the 4 games he has played in.

Succop was 1-6 in the 6 games he played in before going on IR


Sep 6, 2005
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Kansas City Chiefs
it feels wrong to give the MVP to Jackson and COY to Harbaugh now.

COY should go to either andy reid, matt lafleur, or mike vrabel

MVP not sure, maybe give it to an OLman for a change.


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Jun 4, 2007
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I like the Titans linebackers to fare well in a matchup against Kelce.

And Adore Jackon looks a good matchup vs Hill ( with help)..

But i think Mahomes will be too much.

Certainly wont be stunnee if Tennessee win, but will go with KC.

Chiefs 38 titans 31


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Oct 18, 2013
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Can't see it being as high scoring as the majority of folks will think. Will be a grind imo.

I was thoroughly impressed with both the Titans lines against the Ravens, they are dominating where it matters most right now, in the trenches.

Mahomes will pull the occasional big play out of his backside like he always does but it won't be enough unless Williams can gain some yards on the ground.

Titans feel destined to me, they are hot at the right time and controlling the time of possession in games, I can't see KC having any answers for Henry. (He rushed for over 150 yards in the second half alone in their previous meeting this year). They simply aren't equipped enough at DL or LB. Chalk up another 200 yard game on the ground for the big fella.

Mahomes will get a chance to win/tie it at the end but the Titans Dline will get pressure and force a bad pass leading to an INT in the end zone with less than a minute remaining. 😉

Titans 24 Chiefs 17
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