Is Damien Hardwick the greatest coach of all time?

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Talons B Sharp
Sep 26, 2012
AFL Club
nooo.. wank threads need a bunch of flowers and a diamond necklace.. or is that Diimmma who needs to wind up and
cast his net to his previous life partner.. nothing less..

Lip Gallagher

Team Captain
Nov 11, 2020
AFL Club
Surely his position as coach is untenable, i mean how can he look his players in the eye and demand they uphold the truths and values of a great club like Richmond? How can he pass judgment onto players who transgress? IMO he should resign.

Take the year off and coach Collingwood in 2022 :)

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BF Tiger

Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 5, 2007
AFL Club
The strength of Richmond under Hardwick lies in its evenness and adherence to team discipline. Hardwick has fashioned the team as a machine, with no part bigger than the whole. Certainly GOAT attributes.

Brizzys Squizzy

All Australian
Sep 9, 2014
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Only has the 8th because Eddy sooked up.

He has only 7, that's a fact.
In total McHale coached 714 VFL games with 467 wins and 10 draws (a 66.1% winning rate). This included a record 59 finals matches and 16 Grand Finals for eight premierships. His tally of 714 games was the record for most VFL/AFL games coached until 2015, when it was passed by Footscray, West Coast, Collingwood and Carlton coach Mick Malthouse.[1] here's your facts and one more it makes him the Goat.

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