Neutrals of bigfooty - Which team would you like to win the flag?

Which team would you like to see win the flag this year?

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Percel doesn't like microwave meals
Feb 6, 2013
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North Melbourne
Not Sydney. Living in Canberra we get a lot of Sydney news on radio and TV and Sydney's current success is almost as insufferable as the one sided Raiders crap we have to live with when they are doing well in the NRL. If they win it, it will be insufferable.
amen to this, it’ll be awful if they get up, I’m scarred from 96, and we won.


Norm Smith Medallist
May 23, 2016
AFL Club
West Coast
I always laugh when people say the south connection is a myth.

We constantly have at least 10k Vic members and Friday night there would have been at least 25k swans supporters at the ground.

I was only 2 when we moved to Sydney but I'm a 4th generation south supporter and now have 2 boys of my own that love the swans.
Yeah Sydney indisputably have the most supporters in Melbourne of any interstate side. The final vs Melbourne seemed almost evenly split.
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Premiership Player
Oct 11, 2012
AFL Club
Freo for the fairytale, Sydney for what they've managed to do so quickly with their rebuild. Brisbane be ok too.

Not Melb they've had their fairytale, not Pies even though they are more likable now Maguire and Buckley have left, Geelong just NO as they don't have a salary cap and it would be funny to see the old guys fail again!

Happy for a non Vic GF to stick it up AFL House a Vicentric sinister organisation.

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Toffee Lion

BigFooty Rising Star
Oct 10, 2011
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Brisbane Lions
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Everton, Bucks, Packers
Melbourne or Fremantle.

Melbourne is still a club that has gone through a whole lot in recent times and I feel their supporters deserve a bit of continued success. would mean Toump Ass would be happy, so now I'm not so sure actually.


Formerly Dazzler10
Apr 30, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
Geelong or Sydney probably, but wouldn't mind Collingwood or Melbourne. Even Brisbane or the Dockers would be ok.

So basically I want them all to win it.


Hall of Famer
Jun 11, 2007
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Bayern, Milan, Boston Celtics
Dees or freo.

Freo would be a cool trivia q with the dees breaking their drought in Freo's backyard, then the dockers breaking their duck in melbournes.

But id like my mates to see a dees flag in person ideally.


Club Legend
May 7, 2008
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Cats have earned one imo for their long term consistency. I generally favour the Victorian clubs, Melbourne got one last year to join us in 13 premierships, their desires should be sated now for another 50 years (back to the ski fields), Collingwood have already won 2 premierships since 1958 so should not be too greedy. Only Sydney of the interstaters is any good and they too have won a couple recently. Go Cats.


Hall of Famer
Jul 21, 2006
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Would be kinda cool if it ended up being a Brisbane v Collingwood grand final...... 20 years after the 2002 grand final (random musing after watching the 2002 grand final earlier tonight lol).

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Premiership Player
Apr 15, 2007
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Golden State Warriors
Close your eyes then...

That's fantastic...a TV quality replay from 1961, and a very young (about 30 y/o) Mike Williamson, former Geelong champion player and coach Reg Hickey. And early in the video was surely an example of a 'flick pass' made famous by Ted Whitten. I've never seen this before, traditionally the earliest TV quality replay was the 1966 St.Kilda GF.

Guardian Hawk

Premiership Player
Oct 16, 2003
AFL Club
Like many, I don't have a team I'm actively hoping don't win it this year. If I am coming up with a preferential order, probably something like:

1. Brisbane - Had Freo in mind here (given they are flagless) but feel Brisbane (who are in a drought of their own) have probably earned it more after multiple prelims, top 4 finishes and heartbreaking finals losses in recent years. Feels like Freo's time to shine is still to come over the next few years when I hope it will be their turn. Brisbane also have a Hawthorn connection with Fagan (who I really like) and Hodge and Birchall still being around the club.
2. Fremantle - Would be a fairy tale for a well supported, flagless club (and especially poetic after the season West Coast had). Would love to see Mundy end up with a flag (so maybe I do have them No 1) and to see the emotion for so many, especially the likes of Pavlich.
3. Geelong - Not sure exactly why they are here but found myself wanting Geelong to get up instead of Collingwood on the weekend. I think in some ways it feels like they have 'earnt the right' after finishing well clear on top and being in the mix for so many years. It felt wrong for them to have another 'straight sets' exit and to hear all the nuffies (particularly a few irritating Richmond supporters) carry on every day (hundreds of times a day in fact) with ignorant crap about Geelong in finals, Geelong's AA selections, Geelong's KP advantages, etc, etc, etc. Seems I have developed a begrudging respect (yuck!) now that Hawthorn is not contending, especially because Geelong never really prevented our success (they beat us when we were not in genuine contention and we won when we were). If it does happen, the ideal scenario is for Isaac Smith to win the Norm and Danger and Rohan to have shockers for the continued lols (I'm sure I'll come to my senses and put them back to 6th soon enough)
4. Sydney - Just love the way they play and find them really good to watch. Fast, attacking, high pressure and desperate - particularly Warner's kamikaze style and Blakey's risk taking kicks under pressure in the backline. Another former rival with whom, chances are, I will come to my senses and grow a quick distaste to the prospect of their success.
5. Collingwood - Would actually be a pretty great story, especially if they are close wins. In fact, could see a movie being made if it was to eventuate. Maybe I do have them higher for that reason - it would be quite the ride! Only real reason for being lower at the moment is it feels like they are the 6th best team in it and whilst they have done amazingly, it has certainly taken its fair share of fortune to end up where they have. Also feels like their salary cap and list utensil ups in recent years ends up with significant reward - which feels a bit wrong.
6. Melbourne - No real dislike at all to have them last - actually think their list is the best of any and after years of being awful, another flag would be an amazingly appropriate amount of reward for their fans. Only really here because they are the reigning premier and just had their turn. Also, a slefish reason is that people were already discussing dynasties after they finally won a flag so less keen for them to go back to back and for another team to start entering the "who has the best dynasty" debate. The more 'dynasties' you have, the easier it seems and the less prestige attached to any individual dynasty. Therefore, whilst Hawthorn are out of contention, more keen to see flags evenly shared around a bit more - particularly for those with long droughts.
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Brownlow Medallist
Jul 26, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
Never thought Id say this but Collingwood.

Got a mate who's pretty crook who's a Pies fan. Not the normal type as he's a good bloke.;) Likely he won't see another AFL season and he attended and watched the 1 point GF loss to the Eagles. So happy for him to see a Pies flag.

If not then Melbourne. Just because their fans couldnt attend in big numbers last time.


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 23, 2009
SE Suburbs
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St Kilda
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Boston Celtics
Hoping for a Freo/Brissy G.F. Freo win it by a kick after the siren. It will be good for WA footy.

Scores level with 40 seconds to go.

Lachie Neale wins a free kick on the HBF. He turns and hits a stab pass to Nat Fyfe, who was standing alone in the goal square and Freo win the game!

Neale rips off the Lions jumper, revealing a Freo guernsey underneath!!!




Brownlow Medallist
Jan 13, 2006
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Other Teams
Yeah if my team wasn't in it I'd choose Brisbane but would also be happy to see Freo or Geelong win it.

Now that the dogs are out there's no team I'd particularly have a problem with.
That’s an interesting one regarding doggies. I feel like bevo has turned them into an entitled dislikable club the way he goes about his stuff.

Pistol Night

Brownlow Medallist
Sep 3, 2019
AFL Club
Never thought Id say this but Collingwood.

Got a mate who's pretty crook who's a Pies fan. Not the normal type as he's a good bloke.;) Likely he won't see another AFL season and he attended and watched the 1 point GF loss to the Eagles. So happy for him to see a Pies flag.

If not then Melbourne. Just because their fans couldnt attend in big numbers last time.
Hopefully they can win for your mate and the rest of us regular dickheads then