Preview Round 17, 2019: Hawthorn v Fremantle, 13 July 2019, 2.10pm @ York Park featuring the return of Grant Birchall

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Mar 19, 2007
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good to see Birchall back and cant wait to see Wingard play good footy.

in Tassie we should have a slight advantage, Clarko is making the team play the defensive style we have played at times over the Clarko period, i remember us coping flak for it when we did it prior to our team getting right(media would write articles about it when Ross Lyons Saints or Paul Roos Swans were doing the same thing but got raved about in the corrupt media), it seems to be a strategy when the list isnt as strong as we would like.
If the opposition are on, you have to know how to stop them before you can turn it around and attack, Clarko is building the method into the new troops.


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May 25, 2010
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Not a fan of being "The Nash guy" on every thread, but Nash doesn't really have a game that can be improved in the seconds. He needs to stay in the seniors, and to be fair we need him here to sure ourselves up in that area. There's no coincidence that every time he's played the ball stays in our forward line for much longer.

With dangerous smalls at his feet, all Nash needs to do is be there to provide a contest which he's doing very well. Impacts even when he's somewhat out of position.
Nash is a natural competitive athlete, but not a natural afl player. Coaches clearly think he can make it tHis path, but if he had been with us when we had a stronger team he could have had a couple more years developing afl skills at box hill. Who knows what he could have done with that foundation.

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