Traded Nick Hind [traded with #77 to Essendon for #67 and #74]

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Bad Seed

Senior List
Jan 29, 2017
AFL Club
Feel like if he plays behind the football, he's going to be a really valuable player. Much like Adam Saad.
This comment looks better every week. He is probably the steal of the trade period and is arguably delivering the same output as Saad did for us, albeit in only 3 games to date.

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Club Legend
Nov 4, 2019
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Other Teams
Liverpool, Pacers
Hind is awesome to watch, loves to take the game on and back himself in.

We have Markov who does the same but sits on the bench alot or his sprints are as high volume as Hind.

Great rebounder and for literally SFA too well done


Brownlow Medallist
Mar 11, 2010
AFL Club
Saad who? Super impressive early. Has to be in the mix early in the season as most improved. Didn’t know he was that quick.
I know he was sh*t last year but McKenna was the real loss. Better kick than both Saad/Hind, strong overhead, flexibility to play mid/forward and no compensation for him leaving.

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