Best prelim finals of all time

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 3, 2007
AFL Club
Best one in the AFL era?

For me 1997 for sure. Darren Jarman ..... nuff said!

Collingwood vs Hawthorn 2011, Luke Ball kicks the winner and Dale Thomas makes the game saving tackle.
Hawthorn vs Geelong 2013. Hawthorn were the better side but goal kicking let them down, but they fight back to steal it with Travis Varcoe missing an easy shot at goal late.
Essendon vs Carlton 1999. What else do I say, it was back and forth all day and Justin Murphy threw the ball up into the air in celebration when the siren went.
Geelong vs Collingwood 2007. An epic game in front of 98,000.
GWS vs Western Bulldogs 2016. Amazing game.

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Demonic Ascent

Bang! Bang bang bang!
Feb 21, 2006
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Was the 1988 preliminary final an epic game?

Demons won 3 finals in a row to make the 1988 grand final.
It was for Melbourne supporters 😜

Not really epic though it was a pretty decent game in the wet at Waverley. A bit of 80s action which saw O'Dwyer suspended and miss the GF and a huge torpedo goal in the wet from the centre square by Garry Lyon.

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