Autopsy Gather Round vs Fremantle @ Norwood Oval - 14/04/23 - 5:10pm

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Just a pathetic club with a loser mentality. 0 on ground leadership, 0 coaching ability, a team full of players just waiting around for someone else to do the work.

If Dew being coach is the only reason half these blokes are hanging around the GC serving up this s*it week in, week out, then they can go stand in the unemployment line with him.
Dew clearly must go but Mac Andrew can't play, Ben Long is a lesser version of Farrah and only just clinging to the hope that Rosa's might get more of the ball instead of three flashy bits for the game. Not just Dew should go but all the hangers on who clearly haven't a clue.
And to top off my disgust at this game, small forwards killed us again. Every week this happens. We just can’t defend small forwards.

So a very one-sided ruck battle led to an outclassed midfield battle, paired with some genuinely awful shots at goal (Luko could have won us the game easy before fading out, but he was not alone) and hey, presto, we lose the game.

Great. Just great.
No plan B when the tide changes they look lost out there when the momentum shift in the opposition favour that is a coaching problem
Chocco Williams is as good a Hail Mary that there is available.

Craig Cameron proved to be as shit as was promised

Evans has overseen all this

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Just think yourself lucky if you watched from the beginning. I worked until after 6 and started watching after half time.
Didn't see anything worth mentioning.
Kicking from fullback to the same spot. Every. Single. Time.
Bombing into the forward line and playing behind. Every. Single. Time.
No chasing into our back line. Every. Single. Time.
No kicking to advantage. Every. Single. Time.
I'm done
Sack the coach, sack the match committee, sack the list manager.. trade off anyone with currency.. this is indefensible.. I’ve already fired a drunken email to mark Evans. Every year we are promised improvements, when are we going to see it
Our talent guy was a stats dude....never played the do we expect to be able to draft tough players if you don't know what to look for.
Sack Dew, draft Marc Lock in MSD then I'll stick fat. Otherwise suck my weiner.
Mentioned how good he was around the ball last week.
Gives him no midfield time at all this week.
Is Dew a ******* idiot?
Yeah...he's a ***** idiot. Humphrey is one of only a very few who likes a hard ball....and should have gone into the mddle.Too pretty until it gets very ugly.
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What will Dew say in the press conference? The same thing he has been saying for five years. Just press play on any of his previous post-match recordings.

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What he says after every loss and what every opposition team knows
"When they turned up the pressure we couldn't go with them.We just have to go back, look at it and work through the problem"

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