Review Round 15 vs Hawthorn Hawks @ The Bank - 25/06/23 - 4:40pm

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Big day. We NEED to win and win well given the Hawks are coming off the bye, playing interstate, without Sicily and CJ mopping up their backline, and hopefully Dew has given the players a rocket after last week.

Critical that Anderson, Rowell and Witts bounce back as we need to get well on top in the middle from the start. Let the Hawks break even early and they will control the game with their running handball game which we will have no answer for.

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I'm feeling good about this one. I think our boys are going to come out and really prove a point that we deserve to be talked about as a genuine team in the race for the finals. The boys also know our percentage needs to improve after last week so I think they'll be determined put it on the scoreboard today.

Let's f'n go!

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There is never a gold coast player crumbing front and square in the fwd half, no wonder our small fwds don't touch the ball
This is the third worst team in the league coming off a bye! And we’re making them look like prime Geelong
This is the most undisciplined, lazy performance I have seen from this group. Midfield once again expecting everything and earning nothing. No one working back. Hawthorn literally walking it out of defence. Forward line nowhere to be seen. Not a single ounce of run from anyone. Just get the ball and launch it long so it’s someone else’s problem.

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